CellAntenna patent for system of defeating a drone

CellAntenna International said it has been awarded a US patent for “System and Method for Detecting and Defeating a Drone.”

“The patent and subsequent invention, represents a major advancement in the search for systems defending against the malicious use of drones,” said CellAntenna International.

“The growth in the use of hobbyist drones in the United States and around the world has presented a security threat to the public, law enforcement agencies and safety of airports and airspaces used by aircraft.

“Since the use of jamming equipment is illegal in the United States, the invention represents an innovated way in which to control the UAV through spoofing of control channels using specific technology overriding the remote-control ability of the drone.”

Howard Melamed, President of CellAntenna International and one of the inventors, said: “I congratulate our engineering team in their accomplishment.

“CellAntenna is proud to offer solutions that can make a difference in the safety of our country.”