CRISPR patent success for Merck’s MilliporeSigma

Merck’s MilliporeSigma, a Massachusetts-based genome editing company, said the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore has issued a “Notice of Eligibility for Grant” for MilliporeSigma’s patent application covering the company’s CRISPR technology used in a genomic-integration method for eukaryotic cells.

Singapore’s notice of patent allowance for MilliporeSigma’s CRISPR integration technology is yet another reinforcement of our intellectual property,” said MilliporeSigma CEO Udit Batra.

“We look forward to receiving additional grants for similar patent applications in several other countries as we collaborate with the global scientific community to find new treatments for diseases.”

MilliporeSigma said it is now licensing “these foundational integration patent allowances for applications including basic science research, agricultural biotech and therapeutic use.”

The firm added: “This forthcoming, fundamental patent in Singapore, entitled ‘CRISPR-based genome modification and regulation,’ covers chromosomal integration, or cutting of the chromosomal sequence of eukaryotic cells (such as mammalian and plant cells) and insertion of an external or donor DNA sequence into those cells using CRISPR.

“Scientists can replace a disease-associated mutation with a beneficial or functional sequence, a method important for creating disease models and gene therapy.

“Additionally, the method can be used to insert transgenes that label endogenous proteins for visual tracking within cells.”