Soligenix patent for dusquetide in oral mucositis

Biopharmaceutical company Soligenix, Inc. said the US Patent Office has granted a patent entitled “Novel Peptides and Analogs for Use in the Treatment of Oral Mucositis.”

Mucositis is the clinical term for damage done to the mucosa by anticancer therapies.

“The newly issued patent claims therapeutic use of dusquetide (active ingredient in SGX942) and related innate defense regulator (IDR) analogs, and adds to composition of matter claims for dusquetide and related analogs that have been granted in the US and worldwide,” said Soligenix.

Soligenix CEO Christopher Schaber said: “Soligenix continues to pursue broad patent coverage for its dusquetide technology, first with composition of matter claims followed by therapeutic use claims in oral mucositis.

“Having successfully pursued composition of matter claims in jurisdictions worldwide, we continue to pursue therapeutic use claims like those issued in the US with this most recent patent.

“The therapeutic use claims are expected to be generally valid until 2034, which provides significant patent protection and life to dusquetide and our other IDR analogs.”