WiLAN firm acquires patent portfolio from Panasonic

Patent licensing company Wi-LAN announced that its subsidiary Cetus Technologies, Inc acquired a portfolio of patents from Panasonic Corporation.

“The portfolio relates to semiconductor memory technologies used in Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) as well as NAND Flash Memory,” said Wi-LAN.

“DRAM is used in markets that include PCs, Gaming, Mobile Handsets, Servers, Networking and Automotive.

“NAND Flash Memory is used in markets that include Mobile Handsets, Solid State Drives, Flash Cards and USB Flash Drives.

“According to the information and analytics research firm IHS Markit, worldwide revenues in 2017 are expected to be $72.2 billion for the DRAM industry and $53.8 billion for the NAND Flash Memory industry.”

All other terms of the agreement are confidential.