BioTime announces 41 new patents

BioTime, Inc, a late-stage, clinical biotechnology company developing and commercializing products addressing degenerative diseases, announced the issuance of 41 new patents over the past 12 months that are owned by or licensed to BioTime.

“These new patents add to the over 800 issued or pending patents worldwide and address many of BioTime’s key programs, including OpRegen, which is in a Phase I/IIa trial for dry-AMD; stroke and orthopedics, which are in early stages of development; and cell culture methods that are applicable across the pluripotent cell platform that enables robust manufacturing processes for many of the products,” said BioTime.

Adi Mohanty, co-chief executive officer of BioTime, said: “These 41 new patents are significant because they expand and strengthen our intellectual property portfolio, which is an integral aspect of BioTime’s clinical development and commercialization strategy.”