Waters moves IP management to Anaqua

Boston-based IP management and analytics software firm Anaqua, Inc said specialty measurement technology company Waters Corporation will migrate its IP software to Anaqua’s new Anaqua 9 software.

“We needed an IP management solution that could handle a significant number of workflows and disclosures,” said Michael Lynn, senior director and managing counsel of IP, Waters Corporation.

“Internal and external collaboration is much easier with Anaqua.

“The data analytics that once took us hours to produce can be done at the click of a button.”

Waters delivers scientific solutions to laboratory-dependent organizations and relies heavily on its IP assets.

Anaqua CEO Bob Romeo said: “We’re delighted that Anaqua’s advanced analytics and intuitive IP management tools will provide Waters with the quality of insights required to make highly informed, strategic business decisions that will help keep them ahead of the game.”