IBM and EVG sign laser tech license agreement

EV Group (EVG) and IBM announced that the companies agreed to sign a license agreement on laser debonding technology.

EVG said it plans to integrate IBM’s patented Hybrid Laser Release process into EVG’s advanced, field-proven temporary bonding and debonding equipment solutions.

“This agreement with IBM enables EV Group to provide a comprehensive and flexible technology offering to our high-volume production customers that can enable them to produce value-added devices at greater flexibility, throughput and cost-efficiency,” said Markus Wimplinger, EVG’s corporate technology development and IP director.

John Knickerbocker, Manager, Micro-Systems Technology & Solutions, IBM Research, said: “The laser debonding technology using glass or silicon carrier wafers can provide prototyping through high throughput manufacturing efficiency, a low cost of ownership, and a miniaturization platform.

“A growing range of fabrication demonstrations and applications supported include mobile phones, healthcare and IoT micro-systems, sensors and miniaturized size components handling, bio-sensors, bio-chips and diagnostics systems, and artificial intelligence solutions.”