Rambus in patent license agreement

Rambus Inc said it signed a patent license agreement with Beijing Tongfang Microelectronics Co., Ltd., a fabless chip design company focusing on smart cards and related technologies.

The agreement includes the use of Rambus patents such as Differential Power Analysis (DPA) Countermeasures, which protect devices and integrated circuits against DPA and other related side-channel attacks.

Specific terms of the agreement are confidential.

“We are excited to deliver critical technology for protecting sensitive keys and data to Beijing Tongfang Microelectronics Co., Ltd.,” said Bret Sewell, senior vice president and general manager of the Rambus Security Division.

Developed by Rambus Cryptography Research, DPA countermeasures incorporate extensive software, hardware and protocol techniques that protect devices from side-channel attacks, which are implemented in tamper-resistant products used in various applications.