Indivior to pay up to $294m in C4X license deal

Indivior said its subsidiary Indivior UK Limited and C4X Discovery Holdings entered into a license agreement whereby Indivior UK obtained exclusive global rights to develop and commercialize C4X’s oral orexin-1 receptor antagonist program.

“The orexin-1 (OX1) molecular pathway has been identified by Indivior as a priority pathway for the treatment of addiction,” said Indivior.

Under the terms of the agreement, Indivior UK will make an upfront payment to C4X of $10 million with potential milestone payments to C4X that could total $284 million over time if all development, regulatory and commercial goals are achieved.

“Selective blockade of the OX1 system has been shown to decrease drug-seeking behaviour related to psychomotor stimulants, opiates and alcohol, and to prevent relapse or reinstatement of drug-seeking behaviour during abstinence,” added Indivior.

“Indivior believes that further development of the OX1 pathway may lead to significant advances in medication assisted treatment for opioid and other substance use disorders.”

C4X said in a statement: “… Indivior receives a global and exclusive licence to C4X3256 and all other compounds in the same patent family and is responsible for the cost and execution of all further development of C4X3256.

“The agreement covers the development of Orexin-1 antagonists for multiple indications.”

Shaun Thaxter, CEO of Indivior, said: “We are continuing to extensively review and invest in targeted new treatments that extend our understanding of and leadership in addiction.

“The OX1 pathway is a key molecular pathway we are targeting for development and is particularly attractive to us for its potential as a non-narcotic mechanism for treating and preventing relapse across a broad range of substance use disorders.

“Our development of the OX1 pathway will leverage the current efforts we have already underway internally and through other collaborations as we pursue novel treatments for addiction.”

Christian Heidbreder, chief scientific officer of Indivior, said: “We believe C4X’s OX1 program is one of the most promising early stage programs to potentially treat addiction and look forward to rapidly advancing lead compound C4X3256 into the clinic.

“Further, we believe there is great potential for additional compounds to be discovered and developed with respect to this important mechanism that will contribute to the continued elucidation of the neurobiological underpinnings of withdrawal symptoms, drug intake, craving, relapse, and co-morbid psychiatric associations.”