Workhorse gets patent for HorseFly drone delivery

Workhorse Group Inc. said the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a patent for the HorseFly Truck Launched Drone Package Delivery System.

“The HorseFly UAV Delivery System is a custom-built, high efficiency delivery UAV that is fully integrated with the Workhorse line of electric/hybrid delivery trucks,” said Workhorse.

“The HorseFly system conforms to FAA guidelines for UAV operation in the U.S. Most notably, being fully integrated with delivery trucks, the system is designed such that a driver or driver’s assistant can maintain line-of-sight operation of the UAV delivery process.”

Workhorse CEO Steve Burns said: “We feel that the patented HorseFly truck launched drone package delivery system is the first major change to the last mile delivery process since the invention of the package delivery truck.

“Drivers appreciate the fact that the HorseFly system is fast, reliable, and efficient.

“Last mile package delivery is changing, and the HorseFly delivery system is leading the way.”