Patent approvals for Bee Vectoring Technologies

Bee Vectoring Technologies (BVT) announced that it has received two new key patent application allowances.

The company said US Patent Application Ser. No. 15/092,968 received a Notice of Allowance and, upon issuance, “will provide a second patent in the US for the unique carrier formulation that allows beneficial microbes to be carried by bees.”

This second patent “will expand protection of the formulation to include third party microbes.”

BVT said Israeli Patent No. 228762 was recently granted for the company’s “bumble bee delivery system is the first patent secured in Israel, a key market with a deep tradition for agricultural innovation.”

BVT said: “The first US patent on the carrier formulation (press release March 1, 2016) focused on the company’s own unique beneficial microbe clonostachys rosea which has a broad spectrum of control for various plant pathogens.

“The allowed claims of the second patent include claims that are not specific to any particular microbe to be used within the formulation, and so provide broader protection to the company as it explores the use of other beneficial microbes for delivery through its bee delivery system for crop protection and/or growth enhancement.

“Israel is a significant innovation hub in agriculture and is widely considered to have the most significant Ag start-up ecosystem outside of the US.

“In addition to Agtech innovation companies there are also some significant bumble bee producers in Israel that present potential partnership opportunities that the company is exploring.

“The granted patent further positions BVT to work alongside these companies.

“Accordingly, the company believes that the Israeli market exhibits a unique opportunity to expand into additional markets via partnerships and add an additional element into the commercialization strategy.”

BVT said it is pursuing “an aggressive Intellectual Property strategy that covers five different patent families” and 60 patent applications worldwide.

To date, 15 patents have been approved worldwide.

BVT CEO Ashish Malik said: “These are significant patent approvals for the company and allow us to continue advancing several business development discussions with potential partners.

“For example, we have identified several other microbes that we will be evaluating for fit with our system, and having a patent protected formulation certainly gives us a competitive advantage as we discuss with the partner companies.”